To Disgrace Condemned (Visceral Bleeding)

Journey towards total humiliation starts up No warning, nothing to indicate the wicked degradation soon to be As they deliver themselves to the land of inbreeds Submit to hillbilly law Stranded, separated and dislocated From the woods approaching, two men They grin their black tooth grins, gleam with empty staring beady eyes Mountain men with sick one-tracked minds Without grasp of reality Rednecks, 12 gauge rifle, farmer outfit Drunken by homemade whiskey The yokels of perversion attacking Taken by surprise they're captured They stood no chance, taken off guard Overpowered, unprepared The strongest, most defensive camper tied up with a belt Force him to a tree Now they turn their focus to the shorter fat man Slowly backing, trying to get away Panic makes him tumble, fall down Soon his screams will echo They start to slowly move in on their target Crawling backwards, grins expanding soon to cover their dirty faces "Won't you give us a ride boy?" The panic then becomes total, when he hears a voice "Drop them pants son" Paralyzed from the fear he is thrown to the ground Getting set, from behind, tear his messy mud-stained panties Give the sick command - NOW SQUEAL "Suck with that pretty mouth of yours" Dirty deprivation of pride, raped by the rotten Crocker "Squeal like a pig" Captured, degraded and sodomized Submit to perverse treatment