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Blue Igloo Cooler (Silage)

Yeah, I'm going on a tour I'm looking for my lure I gotta find my hat My sunglasses and my blue igloo cooler Can't forget my fishing pole Because I'm fishing Fishing foe fillet of soul I've got to be where I've got to be Can't catch no fish if I'm not in the sea With glee, yipee skippy Here fishy, fishy, fishy I'm in the boat do don't you know You've got to let go of the nets That you hold in your hand There's nothing of worth from the sand Just a tire, some boots, and a rusted can Hip hop on the boat and I'll show you how To be fishers of man To be or not to be That is the question Yes, indeed, well Here they come I can see those little fishies swimmin' in now Cast it out, cast it out, cast it out now Reel it in, reel it in, reel it in now