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Calling For You (Widowmaker)

When you walked away I saw the curtain start to fall And as my blue skies turned to grey I knew I lost it all And as your smile began to fade 10.000 pictures filled my head Of all the good and happy times we had And feelings left unsaid Too much was left unsaid? Girl I want you to stay I beg you I pray Don't leave me this way I've so much to say Oh don't walk away How long must I pay? Calling for you Calling for you Lost without you Nothing else matters Can you see through? All that I do I'm calling for you Now and forever more. And if I told you how I feel Girl would it change a single thing Or were the times we had unreal But nor the tears they bring The memories they sting Girl I want you to see I need you with me Oh please let us be I've so much to give Please let our love live Oh can't you forgive. Girl I'm tired and alone My heart has no home My tears they fall like stone And now I'm afraid Your feelings did fade Can our love be saved?