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Reason To Kill (Widowmaker)

Ain't it cold tonight? How the wind does blow Icy fingers clutch my shoulder How my trust in you How was I to know? Now I'm wiser, now I'm colder So you used me Then threw me away Well, lord knows you had your reasons Tried to play your game But all you gave was pain Tell me ain't that a reason to kill? All my life it seems Been spent building dreams I knew Would be broke by you Lord, hoy I deplore All that you stand for And do Now you're through. When I look into your eyes Your face shows your despise Betrays how you hurt for the thrill Well I've had it with your schemes Your street of broken dreams Tell me ain't that a reason o kill? Well tell me, ain't that a reason to kill? Soon will come a day That you'll walk my way Let's see How you deal with me So I'll bide my time Put my pain in rhyme till when I will rise again. As hours turn to years And dust dries my tears The memories are all bitter pills Cause you've ruined everything Caused pain and suffering Well now, ain't that a reason to kill? Tell me ain't that a reason to kill? Don't want to fell like I'm feeling Don't want to do what I'll do Never though I'd throw away my life over you.