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City Of Syrup (Big Moe)

Well it ain't no plex with the East and the West With plenty drink for your kids and plenty of weed for your chest So leave your pistol at home cause we ain't trying to go to war The common denominator in the sitution is barre like a star you can shine with Roll on 20's and smoke pine with me C'mon and try to leave your mind with me Steady be sellin, celebratin, for payin our dues With so much drank in my cup the soda water don't even move I's a playa can't associate with the plexin Bone hard, bitch, Mo City, Texas And a veteran don't get me wrong cause put you a glass Pour you a glass instead of beating on your ass Take a chill pill bill Blow some kill pop the steal Since we won't ba seen Sippin syrup till we leave From the dirty-third coast it ain't no roach a G So fill your cup up to the brim and have a toast with me All I wanna do, is bang screw In my dirty-third, city of syrup Bang Screw (2x) Big Moe don steped in (2x) I done knocked out twins (2x) Moe-yo comin down I'm throwed Ballin outta control it's Big Moe I'ma let you know (2x) I done let the po 4 (2x) Can't nobody sip mo than moe-yo It's Big Moe drank baby I done came down (2x) Up out H-Town (2x) And you know I'm throwed a G The M-O-E cocked up on three I'm comin down threw in my day moe-yooooo Screwwwyeah Moe comin down made that candy wet moe-yoooo Said a moeoooo Big Mow ridin down on chrome Y2K with my headlights on Crossin threw the yellowstone Bout to scoop me a yellowbone Po six and my stop one Time for me to pay my phone Hatta'z better leave Moe alone In other words just sing the song All I wanna do, is bang screw In my dirty-third, city of syrup Bang Screw (2x) In the city of syrup we like to jam music slow Still come up substance make them hit the floor 84's and vouls with the freshes on my lows Specialy on the fours doors Bump the strape againts rows Flosh low concert looking like a lumber yard Waving my trunk up and down the boulevard Charge the platinum card and the visa to the max!!! Still won't get no sleep till my click see some cacs Cadillacs and six packs we guys bangin screw Click click clack, get yor wimp ass threw Payin do's and stayin tru is the rule of the game On top of the food chains Bangin screw it won't change for nothin All I wanna do, is bang screw In my dirty-third, city of syrup Bang Screw (4x)