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Freestyle (june 27) (Big Moe)

Yeee-yeee haahee yeehaa, yeee-yaahee That nigga Big Ass Moe Chillin with my partna named D-mo Its on his birthday we comin through In a niggas trunk is a nigga named Screw And I got that boy Kici in heah And that boy Poyo and these hoes heah And we comin through wit that boy Flig-ati Flea Comin out the 3, cuttin hairs with that boy J-o-e Yeah that nigga Joe I done came through, Big Moe never been no hoe I'm up on this tape, never gonna hate Ima come through bouncin on my scrap plate Yeeea yeeee I'm gonna smoke some fuckin blunts Pop the fuckin trunk, the neon lights gonna come Comin down the 'vard Actin hard, not fraud Comin through Po-yo gotta yella broad Automatic hoe, gotta yella hoe Comin through the boulevard can't rock 'n roll I never gave a damn, my juice gonna slam I'm at I.H.O.P. eatin some breakfast and some yams My partna Scott chillin at the mutha fuckin crib I just dumped out a whole bunch of fry deals I'm just kinda fried, I don't know why I just popped up eatin breakfast askin why Yeeeh-yeeeah, yeeeh yeeah yea yeeeah Its them boys off that Long Drive That nigga D-mo Here I go, here I go Gettin crunk on tha reala, I'm a nigga be smokin that killa Because we know we comin down and a nigga feel so trilla Cause I'm comin with Big Moe, My Kici and Po-yo I even gotta tight what cut from the playa Joe Man let me get my shit right Cause I'm not gone be the one to fall off Cause I know I'm gonna be the one to take a fuckin loss 20 G's up in this bitch be jammin Niggas comin down pop trunks just slammin Niggas hit the van on the candy and them blades Niggas stayin on me cause they wanna get paid Everybody late and Ima just gone play And bitches be trippin cause they don't wanna Ever stay down with a nigga, when a niggas doin bad So I get my cash and I act mad I mashed up on the gas, I gotta big ol' Lac A nigga comin down with blue and purple Comin down with a 5th in the back And I'm feelin so true Got much love for my nigga named Screw The Kici's in this bitch, my nigga Jonathan I got about 6 or 7 pounds from him He broke em all down and we all got high And niggas don't be trippin don't be doin no drive-bys Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red We like that fuckin green, papers what I said Big Moe wassup, in this bitch and this niggas singin Comin through just like hell, the bells are ringin Big Moe wreck one more, so we can hit the store Cause it be goin down for the boy D-mo Its that nigga, nigga named M-o-e I represent that Southside, yeah the 3 Hooked up with them boys off that Long Drive You know we stayin playa made, you know we gotta strive To the T-o-p, that's the top man Ima come through nigga down to bring the pain If these hoes down to jack, I want you to know We comin down bald fades, not afros. Now we chillin, now we just leanin And we comin up fixin to pop up on the scene Just got some drank from that boy with that bird And you know we just hooked up on some syrup Now you know we gone, goin real strong I thinkin ride far, I thinkin ride long Drop roll barre, that what I want I'm comin on down jammin I gotta be slammin, gotta be comin And you know we smoke weed We don't fuck with embalmin Cause that shit bad for a G like me I guess I represent Southside lil Kici I showin em, Everybody got on they Nikes And you know what everybody higher than a kite Or they just leanin in they seat Smokin swisha sweets Want some fuckin crack Gone and hit me on my beep A-I-are, sippin on tha barre Nigga you don't understand Nigga in our car Got 4 TVs all up in the seats And I splits down nuthin but them swisha sweets I'm just what reclinin Nigga bumper climbin Man what's up in my mouth is steady diamonds Yeah everbody like, where the night? I'm a playa, yeah you know we never gonna act shief Gone break them hoes off Gone represent the South Ima come through drinkin lean and I ain't gonna cough Ima let them boys know how far I can go Ima just wreck down on the fuckin down low Keep my shit optimo in my mouth Because they be runnin I'm just a chill for awhile cause they know I'm comin I'm comin with somethin, lookin kinda throwed I'm comin down ridin with my partnas, fuck a hoe Those hoes out to get ya for everything But I'm out there tryin to come up and swang Or chop up on some blades I keep a tight fade You know I'm always on my paper chase Always get my green, always on my lean Me and Po-yo fixin to pop up on the scene In a classic seat Yeah that's a sheet And you know what, we fixin to score a fuckin key So guess what, I open my dresser drawer Kici's jeans and a key, that's what I saw I saw a bunch of shit Now I be legit I'm just in the game And the Kici ain't gonna quit I'm steady steady husslin Steady steady strugglin Boys don't know and I'm tired of mean muggin So I get my nine out cause they got some static Cock my shit back cause I got an automatic Flem got the 40 He gone get rowdy And ya don't want that shit Cause its gone be naughty, by nature Fuck a playa hater Ima come through And ya know I'm down to spray ya Let them boys know came here with tha Yungstar And he fixin to flow, and he ain't no fuckin punk So I'm fixin to pass it Hoppin like a rabbit Man I'm comin through got paper gotta have it Under my damn bed And I'm flippin red If I get caught with keys I goin fed But that ain't on my mind No I'm not thinkin about 9 I'm thinkin bout 18 Man its my time To pop up on the scene And show my fuckin neckless Come down the boulevard, straight up wreck it In a damn line Pop trunk, surround Me and my partnas, yeah you know we comin down Diamonds in our grill Tell me how ya feel Nigga wassup, yeah we got gold grill Tha shit don't stop Tha hoes gonna bop Cause we gone come through and we got hard rock Yep, always lookin, hooked up with tha clay, always cookin Gone blade knife Cookin keys in the kitchen Give me nine ounces Lemme get up on my mission Make my damn green So I can be like you Kici's in this bitch Chillin with my partna screw Fixin to give it to this boy Goin flip his tongue Man go on, go on, go strong Heeeeeaaaaa yeaaaaaaaah I'm gonna bring young G in on this mic His name is Yungstar You know that he's rollin tight I'm gonna bring him in and I'm comin down I'm comin down pop trunk, I'm out that H-town Out H-town, showin surround by sound Yesterday y'all got mad when I shown nuthin but ground I'm talkin shit they didn't like Ridin marble white I might just break em off, when I come dripped out right I'm talkin shoes by Hirachi, shirts by Versace Hoes they gone watch me, but they all wanna jock me As I slow the beat down See the diamonds face strong Wreckin whole H-town Comin through and we down With them hoes wanna see me, yellas in bikinis Break em off for D-mo, its his birthday and that Kici On that Long Drive, order baked potato with chives I'm gone come through watch that boy gots to go out Yes I'm goin off, cause I gots to go man Watch I come through Watch I throw the West with my hand Go and get me some Break em off with my pump I gots to come through and I gots to get dumb Boys steady swervin Pickin em up at Sterling Gots to send shots, send Piper to that Mervyns And they carved in stone I can go on I can just flow grippin on a mobile phone Its tha Poterola I'm a money folder Got that grey Seville, and that grey cup holder Grippin on tha grain Cause so much pain To that P-a-t, I see ya flippin with tha grain Watch A-Team me as I pop and I shine Ima break em off see that Flip just recline Still is a minor, wood on the vinyl TV VCR, lay back gone recline And they just mad draped and dripped in that Caddy Hoes get mad cause I ain't no mack daddy Gotta flip my tongue Yes be leavin them sprung Bust some shit out some lung Don't know how its goin, Yungstars still flowin Flippin with Po-yo, and his trunk is steady glowin See that boy me and Poo He's steady jammin Screw Two toned blades Flippin rollin with tha whole crew Yes that screw you he's a dealer Boy had a seizure Its that '96, Kiki locked we gon please ya Gots to wreck shop '96, I ain't gone stop it Gots to come through at that beach we gone drop it I ain't gonna even play I'm thinkin the MLK I might just flip a four Get crazed tip tangeray Or be on the flip phone These hoes be on my bone I might just come with marble Just to switch to teflon These hoes be on my zipper I'm bald fade with the clippers I might just come with Burban I might just go and get wood strip a I gots to go down I gots to just wreck it And when I come through everybody wanna try to neglect They try to talk down Because I gots to go through the dark I see that boy Gregg & Wood lost in that East Park KiKi on lock, I ain't forgot That Yungstar wreck the mic That Screw done wrecked it up So you know they ain't gone like How we did it, its that boys Bday I came what fade Gots to sip that Tangarey Ima steel fool From tha Southside We don't bang bang, yes my mouth is what dry I'm gone wreck shop Gots to send it to that Boys I'm a one thriller Gots to watch tha scandal Shop at that Randall Hit that fuckin beach, with that what Nike sandal Got em on my feet, hide behind tint be blowin sweet Them hoes be on my dick Be blowin up it be so neat Don't settle for less These don't try to impress That's why I break em off That new pair of Guess I hit that Sterling That Mervyn Them hoes they don't know me I might holla at Pokey Or go and get that 40 Them boys be steady doin it Knockin off the unit Hit that big bay We ain't flew it Dripped and we draped out Know what I talkin bout You don't see my diamonds Cause them boys comin out I'm a take and break the mic Yes that got me goin Yung's steady flowin And I'm steady what blowin Gots to pass it that Po-yo Cause that boy gone wreck shop watch me do it This ain't '94 hoe Yeaaah yeeeaaaah Chillin with my boy on his birthday I'm that young G, yeah M-o-e Gotta bring my partna in yeah that Pokey He's comin out that Southside, yeah the Stone You know he's comin through with a pocket full of chrome A nigga on a mission, steady hittin bitches Pump steady itchin, boys steady wishin Talkin down on a nigga name Ima hit the boulevard grippin wood grain 19's gone be turnin, got the wood sternin Joe in the back got the chronic and its burnin Smokin chronic leaf optimo, big Po-yo Sippin on the 8, idle up the poe-poe Ima come down wit the deuce Let the 3 wheel Poyo gonna hop juice Sittin sideways, boys in a daze On a Sunday night I might brang me some mace, maybe OJ's Hoes be goin crazy, some say I'm lazy Wanna have my baby, ain't gone get me locked down I can't get locked, hold my glock Ima come down, hustlin rocks on my block Cause they gone pay, gonna make my fedy Keep the beat steady drop your drop on the belly Make your trunk wave, keep your corner paid Make that trunk wave from the cradle to the grave Me and screw you, what you wanna do Let me come down Po-yo got his crew Got my whole click, got to come down Ima wave trunk, I'm a gone so so fine Ima hit on the dice, gotta keep it nice, drank and sprites Ridin in the burban blades and I'm popped up twice Wood strip got gold, leten em boys know Ima hop out with the crease in my clothes Chain on my neck, rocks up on my wrist Dirt up in my piss, gotta partna named Chris Movin keys, lemme chop em down In my safe I gotta key and a pound Pound of the weed, I gotta quarter ounce I had to hit the boulevard make my drop bounce I had to three wheel on the four, let them boys know Ima hit the boulevard slow and tip toe With that boy Flemmin, yellow bone women Got to come through real sexy, not skinny Don't want no big fat bitch Can't let that hoe ride with me on the switch Gotta be playa, gotta be a star Ima let ya smoke my weed, sip on my barre We gone do it right, get a room later, ain't no hater Can't fade her, hit the boulevard when I bounce rocket skater Ima crawl like a gator, got my grill Let me come through pint bottle steady sealed Sittin in my vault, cases got caught Had to come down gotta partna named Walt That's that boy Walter, I done had a daughter Rocked up a quarter, threw on my damn Starter It done got cold, money done unfold Let me come down with a wood Momo That's the wood wheel, Ima pop a pill House on the hill, got my mind on a mill On a mission tryin to get rich Down to hit a switch, let me come down aww boy nasty bitch All up in my face, ridin got bass Late night on the what Screw with the Grace Actin bad with that Judd, Joe on the cut Got that P-a-t fixin to slap another slut Lil Keke, that KK, and tha Hawk Boy be talkin down now watch this boy barkin That's that boy Bird, rock 73rd Letem boys know we goin fed, what ya heard Got that Lil Three, and that mans off that Botany Got that boy Joe thinkin blades and Mazarati Got that screwzew, bangin behind tint Windows tinted, Ima slow up the speed limit Let them boys know, flip phone I be foldin em Fillin up my foreign ride with petroleum I gotta ride on boy, gotta bring the noise Rent my car, gotta hit me a lick in Detroit Some in Alabama, some down in Asia I'm do it right move my cheese on my pager Beats '18, 735 with screens Teal green, I be shootin my machine Like a trained marine, I'm on a mission with my rappin When a nigga steppin, nigga ain't no preppin In my corner cause yous a goner I'm smokin marajuana Broke em off when I snatched my diploma I walked across the stage I turned the page, no more minimum wage And my corner got paid Kept fedy, kept it steady My partna named Reggie I'm 330, so niggas say I'm heavy Hitin real hard, never did roid Fat ass nigga, we'll fuck a yella broad Are ya black are ya brown, I let my top down Swang and swangin, and my diamond gonna shine in my mouth I'm from the South, what ya talkin bout The haters rollin up so I got my glock cocked I ain't no hoe, letten em know, I'm fin to erupt like a volcano Me and my partna Zano Ron G, Its that grunga, steady smokin Gunja I'm a come down bunch of money Boucin like a bunny, boucin like a rabbit Boys wanna have it, breakin boys off 2 times dag nab it Lemme hurta, a hater hurter, on a mission I gots to come down, knocked off a politician Knocked off a judge, knocked off a lawer Now I comin down I hooked up with Tom Sayer First to put some boys back in the game Ima show them boys throw my picture in the frame Ain't gone be lame, a partna named Shane Ima cause pain, Joe cuttin against the grain Gone fade me up get a nigga so slappy Got a bitch yellow bone broad, yeah she happy Watch that Mo-yo, fixin to solo Ima come through cause my grass startin to grow Out tha backdoor, that nigga named Pokey Ima comin out the Southside representin tha Three I'm comin down playa made, yeah ya know I'm real I'm down out the South, down to pop me a pill I'm rollin wood grain, down that South man I'm out the South ya know I'm down fuckin to bring the pain Because we comin down and my little boys gone wreck We comin down, yellow broads we puttin hoes in check Here we goin and the sweets are still burnin Popped up twice and we watchin Higher Learning With tha Cube and that Busta Rhymes Hit that Po on that beeper Down to score 9 Fixin to chop it up, yeah I'm fresh up on tha block Movin rock Got my glock cocked Haters wanna stop but they can't Gotta keep a drank and I'm drivin Boy comin through and that Moe steady slidin In a three we, comin down bumper fall Steady ballin Haters steady callin my name I'm in this game with the birds Have you fuckin heard Comin down knocked off a pint, what the syrup Witha gallon Lookin for a stallion Comin down and I got the chrome with medallion And my damn fade, and my diamonds in my mouth Fuckin with these boys And we could be out the South In a bus Blades are 19's Po comin through and we got tha four screens With tha VCR And we sippin barre Comin down tinted up, new what car Got the woodgrain And you know I'm steady knockin Trunk gone be poppin Bumper unlockin All you hear is Beep And I'm comin down swangin Comin down, let the top up its fixin to rain And I'm comin through and I'm steady sittin sideways My way, have to do it Friday I'm comin, I'm comin ain't gone lie, say I'm comin Grill witha woman On tha block first and the leads steady pumpin I ain't gonna leave tha corner till I'm makin a mill plus Boy comin through and I'm sicka bein in a bus Fuckin with that bird, and we gettem for a gallon And that man pulled and we what.... Yeeeeaaaa yeeeaah I'm comin through in my hoo-doo You know in a nigga trunk is tha nigga screw We comin down, and you know we down to swang & bang I'm out the South, that Big Moe, should let my nuts hang I don't give a damn pop trunk I'm gone slam I'm comin down watchin TV, playin NBA Jam I'm comin through bangin screw in my hoo-doo I'm lettin that nigga Joe on the mic I thought you niggas knew Thought you niggas knew Fixin to come down Bangin and that tint Watch me come down and I got Form that damn bam I love a yams, and the Ox tail, not in jail Steady stack my mail Watch me come come through Chevy, lookin heavy, comin down And I gots to come down Nigga just roll, lets just smoke Watch me come down and I ain't no fuckin joke Steady comin crunk, rollin up the skunk I done went to wreck when I pop tha fuckin trunk Rollin 84's, nigga Ima pro, steppin out call me Haircut Joe Cuttin on tha fros, holla at ya know Watch me come down, nigga with a fuckin hoe Get he fuckin money Like it ain't funny take out a bank account Like some damn magic, what the hell happened Don't take my talkin for no muthafuckin cappin Nigga its the truth, charge it to the roof A lot of niggas just wanna walk in my boots But they can't step on that what nigga level Watch me come through nigga I'm a hold up I done came through, chillin with my boy Screw You know we popped up in a foreign hoo-doo We came through and we sippin on that drank barre We comin down lookin like playas and like stars You hoes gotta feel a down ass fuckin G I represent that Three, that nigga M-o-e I came through bangin screwed up in my hoo-doo You know I'm comin realla, partna then I think ya knew That boy tha lean and fell on his head We comin through rollin Caddy rollin marble red You gotta feel me, that boy comin through I'm letten these boys wreck on the mic I thought you knew Comin down chillin I got the Yungstar, I got tha Big Moe We all goin fed, fuck goin ag Niggas comin through with 30 keys up in a bag We gotta make a livin Nigga know I'm real Jammin Screw I got to send it out to my boys Zane and crew My nigga Adrian I got tha Haircut Joe Flowin in this bitch Its this nigga D-mo My boy from the tre They always pay late I got to say whatsup to my nigga named Clay My nigga Big Boy, always chillin lookin throwed That nigga named Rod just fell up on the floor He can't handle shit, that nigga went down Goin down real, on the Southside of town We comin jammin screw And we comin with my niggas And we rollin with our crew I got the nigga Yungstar from the South Was wreckin this bitch Comin down with cadillac With big ol fuckin bumper kit Comin down 5th wheel slammin Hoe just fannin Bitch I'm sayin it Cause I fucked your mamma I fucked your cousin I fucked that bitch And these niggas just a fussin Thinkin that a niggaplayamade Didn't know I got a muthfuckin tight fade From that Flem, or was it that Joe, or was it that Judd You know how it go All my partnas cut, all my partnas tight We gonna get kill, leys get fried tonight And we can get blitz And jam some Bone And we can jam that Street Military, nigga bring it on And nigga, know you feel me I know, I know I'm real I'm comin through I got 12 diamonds in my grill My diamonds steady gleamin, bitches steady fiendin Niggas comin down, starchin down on the scene and Give this bitch back to that nigga Big Moe I wanna hear this nigga sing On my fuckin D bro Chillin with my partna on his Bday I done came through and a nigga raidin a trunk I'm out the Southside I told you hoes I'm not no punk I'm comin real, I'm thinkin bout poppin pills I stay on tha Leal, y'all know the deal I'm came through and ya know I'm comin rollin hard I represent that hood yeah the Tre Ward You know I'm comin clean, Starchin down the scene I'm comin down sippin on that drank the codeine Damn, chillin with my old school crew That's how we do, wearin Nike shoe Big Po-yo And a charm And I gotta have clean Rolex on my arm When I come through bladed all popped up We gone come on down All these hoes Niggaz suck my dick I'm down with my click All that hatin shit, that shit ain't even thick That shit is kinda low I never been a hoe Chillin with my partna tha Kici and Big Moe That boy be wreckin on these tapes I'm thinkin comin down With a tight drop With dem buck I don't give a fuck All them fuckin haters you know they stuck Cause I'm strapped witha 9 I'm strapped witha 40 Flem got them shit cause it gonna get rowdy Cock that bitch back, I'm steady sellin crack I'm stuck in this game and nigga its like that That's how we doin do it down here, on the Southside Watch us come up, watch us follow in our ride Follow right behind, follow on up We gone come down Benz and bladed up truck All that shit, all that shit is good And everything I have gotta be wood All over, even in a Range Rover I'm born and raised to be a young soldier Call me a BG But I'm scorin a key You know I'm talkin about its that damn Kici I'm down on my knees I'm tryin to get on my feet Cause I'm just steady sellin all the keys Come through, BMW, 96 new Or maybe 97, 24-7 I'm puttin in work And then I got..... Man, I fell off, so Ima fixin to pass it Gone back up the flow Ima un ass it I done came through after every boys flow I'm that nigga Big Ass Moe Steady jammin my music slow I came done through with my crew Pop trunk in that BMW Steady swang and bang on them fuckin thangs I'm out the South a young G letten nuts hang I bring another young G in on this mic He's called a Yungstar, he's comin so tight Then bring me in My skin is my sin I'm thinkin brand new what Benz Off the showroom Them hoes they come soon I gots to sweep my friend, witha surprise like a broom Every time they be hopin I know they be scopin I gots to break em off Gots to leave they mouth open Cause they gots to talk down Diamond Watch I open up my trunk Showin nuthin but surround Its all good Yes they don't know Baked potato and chive When I'm hungrey hit that Long Drive Pick up that Kici, we hit that shrimp platter I gots to come through Scatter I hit that fuckin quarter, its gone be a slaughter We draped and dripped out Watch I bang with my daughter Let the top down I'm fresh off carceration We swanger In tha car, I'm sippin on barre, TV VCR With the star She come through, she know that I got car Ima do I got to show the 6 X 9 Gots to show Watch that boy be reclinin I'm Strait pop a pill and Kici diamond grill Them boys is locked up Show When I come through Watch that boy wreck the fuckin shop Gotta leave it smokin Cause this game ain't jokin Ima come through TV car wide open Come and please get me Watch I just spray I Sippin like tha AK Gotta clear tha block off Tha Yungstar ain't gone play Gots to pop I bang in your ear I shed so many tears I bang are Kelly or Aliyah Gots to drop tha top real gently I'm sippin on that jelly I might just come through Cause that boy be rockin steady ESG is on lock Them boys ain't gone stop Them boys be comin through I'm sendin shouts to 2pac, and that Tyson I'm dressin nice I'm steady wreckin and ryhmin I'm steady comin through, I'm laid back I'm still reclinin I'm fuckin these hoes, they watchin these shows they sippin on fours And watch that mic get smokin Elite, I practice what I preach Watch me drop the top marble blue at the beach They speech on with that boy Po-yo They don't know, that D-mo Fixin to break em off but he doin it slow And that boy Moe, he steady hummin Keke said he comin I'm gone come through grill and woman Poppin trunk with lady I ain't packin no 380 I might just come through Movin back to the shady I moved to Rosenberg That shit ain't what ya heard I'm a stay in Southpark Stayin down with tha herd Stayin down with tha cattle I shake, then I rattle I might just come through Its all about that grain Lesson I gots to come through to young G's I be stressin 17, promethyzine, creases in my jean I'm comin through wreckin mic Dope fiend I ain't got time for pointin no red dot I'm just bustin I ain't got time for no cap Robitussen We sippin that barre TV VCR, we rentin Incarceration PlayStation In the what hoo-doo I ain't sellin no Zulu I might just pop trunk now these hoes they doin Voodoo They wanna try to stick me The foes I'm might just come back With Po-yo instead Kici is gonna shine That boy Shaun reclined I hit the Long Drive now its time I do mine Its time I just chill and lay back and sip a 8 I'm sittin sideway TV on tha scrap plate They don't hate when they see We comin, we don't fuss We don't even cuss We swangas on the bus, Damn!