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S.u.c. (Big Moe)

Screwed Up Click, my click of G's Ah you got to feel that player M-O-E Rolling with the Los, running with the codeine And we about break, so take all you can Screwed up, what, chest be looking booed up With the chemistry it's brewed up tracks get chewed up Brighten the mood up, when I'm spitting this all Above the law, coldest nigga you ever saw Stay there, outlaw hand me up the state I infiltrate your chest stain and increase the death rate Don't hate, my, it only makes us madder Pockets get fatter, then a only makes them say matter Squash all the chatter in the southern region I pledge of allegiance to my niggas not breathing We all still breathing screaming S.U.C. And that's the story mafios, and P-A-T Niggas can't see me cause I'm rougher than most You boys are like bread not butter and toast They can't even come close, they done already told ya Like the H-A-W-K and a screwed up soldier See when we floss our candy rides Screens keep falling from the sky Players ball and we stay true And if you want to test my click I pop problems what you get S.U.C. and we god damn fools We got that purple sticky dank Chased with purple sticky drank And forever we gone bang screw Oh it's the Screw in us, we gone represent with pride It's the Screw in us till we die Devastating and motivating it's the S.U.C. Showing and blowing up since the year 93' Everybody be claiming the click, they want to be down Wait to trip, on a flip through H-Town Let's take it back, cause you know we love that Poppi in the gray lay with the with the fifth on the back of the lac You know we ride chrome everyday Having the ghetto dreams like my nigga P-A We crossed inside and forever we glide And one thing's for sure man southside's riding Let's get this cheddar, you got your wood and your leather Sitting tall on boys pushing dubs or better This a click full of g's, so we do it with these Keep the block on pop and the ice on freeze Mo yo, and Keke for real it don't stop S.U.C. took a mission on down to Wreck shop, come on Screwed up click, gone keep it true Oh P-A to, that DJ Screw We gone morne you so deep for you And I want to say to you, without you fool