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The Letter (Big Moe)

Know what I'm talking 'bout, trying to get these on paper ma, let you know I'm out here trying to make it happen for me and you baby, feel me Baby girl I'm sending this letter to you Just to let you know you're still my baby boo Lately I've been on the road Can't say when I'm coming home In and out the studio That's the way the business go Dealing with these bitches and niggas you never know How this shit would end up like would end up after the show By the way you smoke without a day Got caught up on the highway The cops tried to take me away They weren't trying to hear what I had to say I said these cops wouldn't let him go, we don't move no snow I don't see what they see reason takes, my new tour Search for us, never let us go Cause he didn't find what he was looking for Situation could of gotten out of control But we made it through now it's time to roll State to state to state we make so much of this hate It's always strange to see what jealousy can create Say boo you know it's real if you don't come home When I call your phone ain't no plex in my tone Hold this shit down leave your plex at home Ain't bugging ain't tripping put you in the sex zone When you hit the streets I know you giving them hell Hit the studio make your pockets swell Nigga knock but don't stop baby go on and mash I'm down with my nigga we gone forever last You chose me I chose you I ain't worried about no hoes Got my name in your mouth don't let your mouth fall low To a diamond baby, now go on and shine I be here I'm you not so uh, smile for me now Know what I'm saying boo, I ain't really tripping on you Just keep it real with me, you a real nigga and all So I could wait for you to come home I know you remember that I wonder Let me hit you right back with another one One more I'm gone mourn my partner Screw, to let why'all know That I miss your touch on me, take you as a fool I know why y'all miss someone out there man know what I'm saying Close might as well reminisce, can't stay putting it down man Ain't nothing but music man, got to stack that, know what I'm saying Representing for that South, southside my, my side Making sure you know Mo-Yo got my pride