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Despair (Rigor Sardonicous)

Living in Torment Praying for the End An end to the Agony Cannot stand the Pain Time is running out Life is near the end Yesterday's beyond my reach Tomorrow Awaits my Death Existence without reason Disdain for all that's alive Remembering the days of laughter Realizing it was a Lie Don't dwell in the past Look to the Future For the solution That has to come Nothing makes sense anymore Living in complete confusion Death is the only Constant And the only solution I'm losing faith in all I know Nothing to ease the suffering Only hope is Death's forgiveness To guide me from Despair Blood on my hands Flowing from my veins Death fills my last hours Awaiting the Final Gift Eternal Suffering Crying out in Death Condemned existence At the Revelation of Death Terror from the Grave Never again to rise Eternity of Darkness Forever to fill my eyes Misery of life Grows nearer to Death Never again to feel the Pain Of life's Hatred...