Holy Suicide (Rigor Sardonicous)

Infliction of Sorrow, Trespasser of Pain Knowledge of the Future, Symptom of your gain Power of the Father, leading you to Death Aware of what's to Become beyond your Last Breath Freedom of enslaved blood, Those you have Failed Forgiveness of thy children, Shed of Darkness Prevails King of Unholy people, atop a crown of Thorns Take his Bloody hand into the Land of the Promised ......Committer of Holy Suicide Oracle of righteousness, assurance of salvation, Leader of Whistful souls Gathering the Broken one's enchantment of faith Sardonically profound and Cold Hooked upon the symbol of the Holy people Blood-Stained and grey Face to the Skull with Death, the Fate that you have known It is the Only way "For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son" To Rot and Wither away "In the beginning", from then on fortold He will Die someday "Save your Servant", primary goal On your knees and pray Born here to Save, turn away and Die Look down at your people, they wonder why The King, Son, Savior Died by his own Hand To free enslaved servants to serve him in his Land Of Underrealm again