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Human Rot (Rigor Sardonicous)

"Praise the Dead to Contempt the living" Behind the Eyes of Lustful Death I Await in Slumber to bequeath Unrest For within the Walls of an Enshrined, Decayed Tomb The corrupted Living of the Dead lie astray Nocturnal Desolate Obeisance Condensed state of Consciousness Existence writhing in Flesh - Forgotten Sorrow Stench of Remains Reek - Eternal Tomorrow Enshrouded Visions of Darkness betray the innocent Strolling the Path of life, Soul of Might Pervading Fear for they know, wrenching Path of Blood falls to the Abyss The Dead are to become And the living shall no more Embrace the life within Blind Light Whispers Envision Crypt of the Night The Dead speak of the Path they follow Light for some for Other's know