Misery (Rigor Sardonicous)

Time to end the suffering I cannot stand the pain I don't care who it hurts Because life just isn't worth it Mirrored in my eyes The agony of my life Uncontrolled rage from within When will it all end Death growing closer A needed change from hate I've suffered long enough And now it must end The pain I have lived with Consumes my existence Left to endure alone I must go to my destiny Now I Die Dark shadows play on my mind Dismal embrace of solitude Searching for an easy end Deliverance from my Misery Mirrored in my eyes The agony of my life I must now go To my final rest End growing closer I feel the cold of Death My pain is slowly lifting As I drift away My mind grows silent My hands grasp the emptiness No future in sight Just the darkened end Light growing dimmer Like the hope I once possessed Final act of loneliness Death at my own Hand