Parasitosis (Rigor Sardonicous)

Atop the Stench of evaporated Death a Bloodless form of Wasted Life Parasitic gluttony writhing inside Internal nerve shatter, sanity writhe Dissect Torn Torn Flesh Blood Let Reject Parasitic Scavengery Leaves thy whole a scant Feasted Flesh by Larval colonies Rapes thee dear Bone bare Lustful glutton, surviving tactic Crawling in and out Failure of sanity to dispose of non-existent Larvae... 8. Diem Seriorem Scribere Deception of life's enduring pain Reception of Cold and stiffened ways Protection from live and mortal waste feast of the Putrid Celebrate the onset of Death This is the Season of the Dead Arisen from the vacated abysmal plain Palpitate erotic, barren waste Succumb vicarious, enslaving pain inflict and suffer Eustress of the live and mortal waste Thus upon Opening the Gate Life - Baptism of sorrowful fade Birth - Confirmation sinful innate Exist - false angled fallen plain Death - the Sleepless, infinite Dream Thy Unholy, Cherished faith Doth befog intrepid ways ARISE! from the golden, Flaming Gate life - Death befall thee Rise thy Putrid form of waste This is the solstice of our Fate Life - thy misery of His Name Birth - afterborn dismay Exist - false angled fallen plain Death - the Sleepless, infinite Dream..