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Rigor Sardonicous (Rigor Sardonicous)

Smile of the Dead Pleasure of life's Decease Frown unto the world Ongoing live Disease Stiffened tissue Drying eyes Victor of the Sleepless Life Scavenged Earth Crawling Flesh Enter to Unsleeplessness Vision's Cold, Death Bell tolls Raging form of Eternal dormant Taken from life, given to Death -ARISE! Risen atop Loamy Depths The Abysses of Unlife Eternal Hail for lustful Death Savior of the Divine Falling to the Scavenged Plains Sardonical and Grim Calculated disarray Discombobulate the Sign Withered Death, falling Flesh Servant of Unsleeplessness Touch of Cold, Death Bell tolls Arise atop the Buried hole Sloughing Sloven, Raging sight Movement of Pathy life Stained tissue, mummified eyes Forward to Eternal plight Dismemberment of the living race Sapponified Remains Mutilated Infanticide Gross display of game Fearful sight the loss of life All of whom shall fall Decaying Corpses, Fermenting Bodies Rigored and Cold Skyful Blaze, Rising Low In the Depths, Darkness grows Lighted Shadow, Faded Light Underworld Rise, Eternal Plight Lavish the Earth, Rotten Decor Life Takes, Death Gives...