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Saprophyte (Rigor Sardonicous)

Taken from Mortal Sin, Underrealm lives again Reposing form, life of End, open to couch viewed again Weep away, sobbing cry, Turn away and wonder why Course of pain drives insane, heart of Blood drains again Furnished for Beyond Life has drained away Cold and hard Despair Of the lives that were paired Sealed to Rest in thy comfort selected chest Protected form everlasting, Sentiment of Stone Lie in bed, dear Body, dysfunctioned form of human life Earthen concrete Palace is thy Eternal board of peace Lowered down in the Ground, Sealed away, numbing sound Shrieking pain seen again, Underrealm reigns supreme Reared Sombre, Stiffened breath, restore life on again Lavish Death, Mortal Sin, reign of Underrealm again