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L8x Queen (Gandalf)

Wanna tell you a story About this girl I knew I became mesmerized And got my head screwed She's been playing with my mind And she knows it far too well She's my obsession I'm a slave under her spell 'Cos what she wants she will always get Her looks might fool you But innocent she is not When she struts around Heads spin on the spot She might play the violin In that black latex dress But she will never blow my horn Or become my mistress 'Cos what she wants she will always get She knows the game and she can play it well How to make a man's life into a living hell In the distance, she looks so damn fine But I know she won't ever be mine What there's inside I don't want to know I'd rather keep my dream 'cos She might be a scarecrow She knows how to fake herself Into every man's dream But reality becomes a nightmare For the latex queen 'Cos what she wants she will always get But what she got left her goods to rot