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Never Again (Gandalf)

Emotions lost in oblivion, Getting open the gates of hell, With an open mind and open to die, Shivering creatures start their ride, The desire for the truth, Lives on and on and on, The ride for new dimensions of life, Go on until they are gone, The decay of man is true, When I watch me in the future, When I see the look in your face, I feel like a creature, Never I will tear your soul apart, Never I will make your heart bleed, Never - Again, Never I will leave you alone again, Never I will make you go insane, The painful memories of a forgotten world, Makes me cry, Locked up in a cell, With the horrors I created for myself, I take what's mine, And break it to pieces, Just believe my word, Never Again, Just make a prayer and wait for a miracle, From the sky, But what you see is a star, With new heights to find.