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Stronger Than Hell (Gandalf)

Feed us with your wisdom, As you sneer at our beliefs, We will know who stood behind, And who did not, Feed us with your contempt, As you underrate our power, Soon it's time to even the accounts, Once and for all, Let the talk flow, Behind our backs, You will never know, Where our ears are at, Now we strike you out, And fight you back, It's stime to even the accounts, Once and for all, The scars of darkness, You show us to prove your strength, Are just marks of the weak, In the end, When you feel our power, After you started the war, Stronger than hell, From the body, mind and soul, To the core, Congratulations on the paths, You have chosen, But we're not going to sell, Our souls to your lord, So let's raise the stakes and see, What your hand really holds, If you dare to even the accounts, Once and for all.