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Get Your Shit Right (Jermaine Dupri)

Grrrrrrr, grrrrr, grrr (Yeah) To all my bitches in the spot lookin' real fly An' all my niggas wit the corner locked gettin' high An' all my playas world wide it's just you and I Getcha paper, getcha dough, getcha shit right First off, y'all niggaz know I don't slouch An' as a kid I done did the shit you talkin about I'm from the South, ya heard? Where niggas fly birds outta Impalas Live lavish From ATL to Dallas an' the little palace Goin once, goin twice, everyday, livin nice In the grey wit the ice, makin money rollin dice Livin the life, that y'all dream of Puttin niggaz outta business like Sony did to Sega You seen us, the green stuff An nuttin' else that's all I collect I got the hots like the Lox - Money, Power and Respect An' I can damn the check that any of y'all niggaz spit I stay hittin, I ain't bullshittin (he ain't bullshittin) Nigga, wit more glitta, than M.J. It's all pimp play, when it comes to me An' y'all motherfuckers know how J.D. gets down An' those who don't it's a new sheriff in town Feel me now Yo, let me tell you were I'm at y'all Shits kinda sad y'all If you ride the buses or trains Watch ya back ya'll Who think he stallin? I still ain't ballin An' I got wild bills An' a crowd that keeps callin My dogs wanna hang (bark) My bitches wanna bang But it don't mean a thang When all you got is change That's why my women ain't dimes Not even close to nines Sorta like fives and sixes Wit scars and stiches Type of bitches that spit in yo' face like Alomar Broke hoes without a car snatchin' fruit from salad bars Which one of ya'll come on, test me now Me not goin' nowhere, you don't impress me now So next time you see me up in them clubs I'm probably scemin' While you at the bar Brick hard and fiendin' I wait for 4 o'clock when yo' drunk ass is leavin' Cause I paid to get in An' now I gotta pray teethin' Niggas goin' to parties Thousand dollar shoes and jewels You Begets what I be wantin' so I be bringin' the tool Tryin' to snatch up all that ice that you came in An' nigga D be flippin', yeah, money, it's the same shit What you thought Cause you bought A joint You might be able to creep a nigga When he ain't on point An' I can see it in yo' eyes that you comin' closer than tryin' An' every step you take brings yo' ass closer to dyin' An' I don't flow wit the dough cause money comes and goes Gimme the love of my thugs Hoodrats and hoes, an' I'm good Cause motherfucker I'm stayin in the hood An' I'm gon' rip till I'm stiff like wood You wishin' that you could Keep it as real as me An' you gon' know that the pain that you feel is me When I get ill it be Some next shit Darkman, Motherfuckin X shit Wreck shit For respect bitch