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Message Of Aiwaz (Dies Irae)

This lyric is inspired by "Liber Al vel Legis", "The Message of Aiwaz" proclaims the beginning of New Aeon, Aeon of Horus. The Law of Thelema now rules this world. When messenger arrived The groundworks of world shook And priests-hypocrites trembled Aiwaz has brought knowledge And the Equinox of Gods began He liberated all stars from the bonds The religious bonds of law and order And each of them has found His own sphere of action And the New Aeon began When messenger arrived We took our lot in our hands Following the law of 93 And worshiping Khabs We became children of son and moon I am the snake who Gives knowledge, delight and glory I am the snake who Curses "because" and mercy What is the law? Love is the law, love under will The law of 93.