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Break It Down (Artifacts)

Yes, as we continue to get it going on Artifacts representin' from Newark to Illtown Put your ear to this here Most definitely it's a sure banger Keep this one in your collection Newark to Illtown representin' Who do we have up to bat? Lace that El the Sensai, Tame One In this field, niggaz get killed, quick with the skills Intact, ill with raps, buildin' facts to fill Gaps react, tap into your internet and patch into My steez or my style, niggaz down to make the cheese wild MC's get defused cause I'm the bomb specialist With the wettest, test this, deadly like asbestos Check the credit set it, so odd they have to call a medic My paragraphs be off key, that's why niggaz can't get it For those of you who don't know, my flow keeps MC's On freeze like Sub-Z doin' MK3 fatality Do remember like Clue, I run up on booty crews On every weekend buggin' out cause I be geekin' Lounge like the peppermint the Boom Skwad President Leaves a tenament resident finding evidence of sedatives DAILY, scoopin' through the Roots like Alex Haley Beetle Bailey beatdown to a soundman lookin' scary Label secretary terrorizer yet I'ma Fresh rhymer comma bringer of the drama the bomber From the Lost Lands, off hand claps I run raps And shatter nigga cyphers into pieces like gun claps "When I break it down, from Newark NJ to Illtown" My verbal, patterns reach farther than Saturn Bustin niggaz up because my rhymes be breakin Atoms stranger, ProForm arranger Fake you-SA Polo shirt stainer with the tec that's never plainer Indent, that's the men blend trends we make and cross Without the fakin', to the ten niggaz respect we just take it New jacks relax cause the syntax can't be Xeroxed Cause I be locked on spots like niggaz movin in from swat I X more Men out than Elijah, Muhamm Ali of rhyme schemes Leavin' my stickers at the crime scene Skwad Odd Man, receive response like Roxanne Battle the top man, and shock fans like I'ma rock band I cut the mustard and plus I can bust it dusted (what?) Whatever you fuckin' with I touch and leave it busted My click rips and gets up in ya like the shits From grits, while yo shit sits like it's on bricks Tracy Chap raps I laugh at, half-assed rappers Who lack fat tracks get capped at, fuck that Destroy the masses, niggaz in classes tryin to catch the math As I sit and think the ink begins to craft My blueprints instruments workin as I'm jerkin Your style hurtin in the club your crew nervous rehearsin In between the cut I run amuck with mad stuff Niggaz can't touch, escape wack cyphers like handcuffs, so C'mon and get down with that Artifacts sound "When I break it down from Newark NJ to Illtown" "When I break it down, from Newark NJ to Illtown" Word up thank you I think I'm convinced Cool Mellow Max in the house Peace to my niggaz Park Ave, Swift-O-Matic yeah! Boom Skwad in the house how you like it now? Representin the skills, what? Chancellor Ave, Avon Ave, nigga where ya at? Aw man the Bricks! Newark to Illtown If ya don't know I think ya better ask Breakin' it down, sizin it up For the year nine-six, what