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Dynamite Soul (Artifacts)

In comes the ones from Jeruzalum slums Knockin bums out for clout, Jersey rules without a doubt On the real, keep it kinda fat for the brothers From the Wrongside of Da Tracks, and it goes like that Since the beginnin of time, the Artifacts kick rhymes Straight tape after demo tape in eighty-eight It's so dynamite, shit's outta sight Snatch up a G and demonstrate for the night Sip on the brew, me and you can do the do And you know this, flow with this, Polo, you know kid Tame, what's the status on the blunt meter homey? (Yeah I got three dimes, six Phillies, and some Olde E) Yeah G you know the program, it's so damn ridiculous Kickin this mix for all the niggaz and the tricks El the first half, Tame indeed is on ? And word to life he rhyme with spite and so dynamite "Dynamite soul!" (4X) Yo this flow goes to all the hoes I ever f**ked with Kids I smoked blunts with, and my ex-girl that sucks dick Niggaz takin shorts in weed spots because they know me And to my moms, because she makes good cheese and macaroni And to the stores that'll sell three Phillies for a dollar To Afrika Bambaata for makin me a rap scholar And MC El for rhymin with this notty headed lunatic You always knew we had the crew that had the mad drama kid Peep it, all my peeps from 12 Block to Broad Street And backstreets in Jersey where the niggaz first heard me It took a long time comin with more cuts than Jason Since the days I had a fade and used to rock in Redman's basement I do +Poetic Justice+, like Janet played the role And now I'm makin suckers swoll with the dynamite soul "Dynamite soul!" (8X) [El]Remember them joints, we used to rock at the spot? [T1]When we stepped on stage with fat gear and it was mad hot? [El]Kids in competition was scared at the sight [T1]Of these mad motherf**kers who rock the mic RIGHT [El]Then we was "That's Them", gettin all the action [T1]f**kin niggaz bitches and just leavin them in traction [El]Ask who the hell was them niggaz that's rippin it? [T1]You better get hip, cause Artifacts got the shit [El]For about four years, people said we couldn't hack it But the track's got ?, and rhymes got the knack See, we'll never fall we got support from the fam Jam after jam, here we are but there we stand It took mad time, but here we is, in the music business Press record when you hear me on KISS Brothers talk shit, but yo, who really cares? Tame's who all I need 'cause, the brother's right there And if you're swoll, say it's all in control The Artifacts, we got, the dynamite soul "Dynamite soul!" (8X)