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The Ultimate (Artifacts)

Transmitting live via satellite (uh, yeah... who we be) hah The one's two's (we be the next man, to get wreck and) To the three's, to the four's, to the five's, uhh You know the time when we rock the spot Artifacts, New Jeruz, catch wreck and get the props You know the time when we rock the shit Tame One and MC El we be the ultimate El Da Sensai, Tame One We bring forth the swords in rap sports Niggaz play the bench for us, overtime if niggaz wanna shine Divine with the intricate shit, who wanna bring it To the table able now it's stable on the disc The Heineken bottle catcher, drops ya, slasher Dat's the the bastard with the fastest ass capture No moonwalk, my tune's talk all by they f**kin lonely Phone me home I'm in the middle like I'm Monie (E.T.) Love to do dubs on deck without a mic check Collect no checks (huh) but catch wreck on sets (Deuce deuce nigga! What? L.O.D. too) Deuce deuce is loose PPP represent see Def Squad, Boom Skwad, and Artifacts make three Like Dennis Scott droppin one for the wisdom Cause when I gets em, I'll be f**kin up they system Or temperature cheer when I appear from the mist Priceless, ice-diss and never see another Christmas You play Risk when you dealin with the New Jeruz two blitz Without the use of two clips, niggaz styles still be fluid (still) The cat, darer with the terror off hands (hah!) Without bands we rock spots in all lands (all lands) Nigs be playin and we stand for the susbtance Subject's the basement, MC's be patient Cause all that Russian/rushin save that shit for the dressing (Word up) BS we stand strong wack niggaz we addressin Test me, the best be, checkin for my recipes (mmm) Mess with me and I'll be drainin all your f**kin energy (boo-yaa!) Galactic tactics match wits I'm from the Bricks (yeah nigga) I used to catch a switch from any walk-by bitch (bitch!) But now I'm to the break like disc jocks, dis rock is hot Got props and plus bust shots for what I got (booyaka booyaka) Don't sniff shit but snot hops, you better watch your snotbox I'll diss you, then I'll clear the air like Scott tissue The issue got a barcode on funkmode So now I pack a trunkload of skunk, for the underground chumps (Hoo-wee!) Cause I bumps in any system, who dissed em? Watch me back them up from all the way from New Jeru To Manhattan (Manhattan) satin and silk, kill the best built I guess the milk was no good, so now I'm classified a true hood Check this nigga, live on Kodak tits Or bust a pimp, cause I'm not a boogaloo shrimp Tame One the Jesus and the Judas Cause when I hit the buddhas, my problem's manifest is deep-rooted (yeah, that's it, wordup) MC, universal no rehearsal on tap with rap so Magnificent sufficient all that tall facts From the six footer, in slang I be the gooder, goodest Best put to rest acts that's less Sub-regular wreckster, prefer tracks to measure Size up, MC's that need to wise up, f**kin they lives up Urban survivalist, live with this, closed style (whassup) Tribalist, that gets, all up in your shit (That's Them, huh) (Yeah, all up in your shit) For all reasons, number one you're sleepin Speakin like a deacon catch the drops my props leakin (Praise the Lord) Seekin on the deep end, sinkin while I'm thinkin Of ways, to slay my competition without blinkin (hah!) The ink's on the sheet with rhymes that are unique Complete batter, astoundin feats yo it don't matter (Don't matter) Capi-talize, while I'm, categorized The G-L to the Tame to the O-N-E