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This Is Da Way (Artifacts)

Hah! The former back of the classroom talk-trasher Blastin off at ya without help from NASA, has ta Blow a nigga's chest up like asthma With raptures and fresh ass raps from wack bastards West district politickin like Gibson Make a pick-up, and then escapes from New York like Snakeplitzkin With trees tied to the thighs of down shorties clearing Customs Ready to cuss and bust on any nigga f**kin with production (This ain't my bag) Back in the Bricks tricks and kids dig the music as we dooz it (God damn yo!) And lose it, when we play niggaz the new shit (That's that shit!) Cross this T, watch me dot your eye Stay on your P's and Q's, niggaz I've mastered my high And when the snake bites and hype blinds your eyesight At last, the Artifacts, will bug and have the last laugh We're comin through all studio sessions Bringin 40 motherf**kers, pissin all over your conference tables Like this right here Rhyme style criminal, with the lyrical missile Wack niggaz the issue bless, catchin wreck, to your chest Rock even Budapest, who the best, on the spot Blitzin niggaz wicked from the cornerback, slot for props MC's pop, but run up close into my strategy Task be, easily complete major catastrophe I be the rhymin holocaust, with the sauce to toss Those who fakin jacks in rappin know they fallin off Is it the way we lay the forte, display my caliber Slayin my challengers, used to be a dancer, now a flow, balancer Manufacture raptures, dip into my tricks Pullin out treats, and singles comin by the hits Shit done by Vic, units for the nine-six MC El the Sen, with Da Way Like This We kickin over your crossaints Smackin your secretary up and kickin up that f**kin computer We snatchin all the paper from fax machines And we stoppin distribution on your next release, HUH? What makes you think that we can't start beef in a heartbeat Like car thiefs with snatchers Givin rappers hot flashes for actions of our main access Knockin out you half-rockin-my-jocks on your asses, like Cassius But cautious, these dope rhymes'll leave you nauseous (Still niggaz sleep but umm, we still got the) Picture perfect workin, expert that hurts it Anyone with the verse, that shit gets bursted Exploit the time, simplify tracks, I rap For brothers on the block and those who buy me off the rack Attack foes who slip up off the earth Jot down the plot as this MC, gets into that ass The bass thickens, while crews face their whippin Always on the low but, you'll never see me slippin