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Whassup Now Muthaf-Ka (Artifacts)

"Whassup now muthafuka?" (8X) It goes like this then it goes like that Artifacts yo we rap mad facts without no feedback Bust a niggy down and clowns ? check my footmark El sparks the dutch, quicker than the ? to God Greater darker than Vader, state of the art don't start My skills mad thrills while you're still cheap, like K-Mart Ain't smart, mothereffer deffer all get aten Steppin with my rap weapon, now who's testin? This Mister El, sinister Brick City minister Swingin with my nigga Tame, Boom Skwad adventure Loc style, to the max, tax cats with no doubt Bust your whole shit out, drunken with my chi style Diesel Don, ism Gov'na rated all-stars Up to par, baby pah, ease a Heine from the bar When I'm with my peeps, we be deep for the shows Rockin low pro, in the corner shootin cee-lo Huff puff enough to keep your eyes bloodshot Get more cocker spaniel move your ass like Daniel To the left I step, super def, human being Tame get on the mic, with the one two three and Pass off, I blast off, like Jetsons when I'm flexin X'n wack tags and rap fags in ANY fuckin section Watch the notty head G-Wiz get biz, word to Muensters Peace to Daddy Reef and Money Stuntsa A-Cool, my nigga Fat G roll the spliff Jay Burnz and Mellow Max, my man Swift takes the flicks A Hooterville killer with +Wild Styles+ like the movie I light blunts with my right, in left I keep a toolie The Boom Skwad president, ain't hesitant to represent Elements that's relevant, diss bitches for the hell of it I got much pride, electrin SLIDIN suckers backwards Like Mike Jackson, throwin hats, the Artifacts hittin G off, so won't you be off, because I'm peed off Enough to fuck some stuff up, and rip another rough cut My crew's paid mad dues, without no reimbursement Verse after verse, the mic be Howlin like a Thirstin And we out.. FUCK DAT! "Whassup now muthafuka?"