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What Goes On (Artifacts)

Beyotch! Bitch! Hoe bitch! What goes on? What goes on baby what goes on? (7X) What goes on girl, you riff and you riff about Brothers callin you a bitch, but tell me would you switch Into shame, how one dame, can make a name for all I guess it's like that when all the chips fall It's critical stereotypical how they diss you It ain't you that chill cause you know your status is true Girls be trickin, on a mission listen what's it for? All you get is people dissin callin you a whore But I guess you don't stress it cause you just keep goin Hoein and hoein thinkin you're sinkin kids for dough and At the same time you whine how we call you this Or that, it beez that way, givin me no play Kickin facts and all that, diss em about the schisms Who riff, when brothers call em hoe or a bitch And if you think we're wrong, give me a gong, word is bond And all I gotta ask is what goes on? What goes on baby what goes on? (4X) I call em as I see em Steamin on the scheamin as I kick this Fitness with the quickness bout the gutter snipe type bitches Flippin like switches and don't be knowin niggaz pedigree You better be ready, I like +Sleepin With the Enemy+ My remedy is any G, fuck em and flee I shoot the breeze at the skeeze, just because +The P is Free+ Don't try to play me baby yo, you must be crazy Tryin to fade me with no clippers when I know you got some other niggaz Just keep it real, word is bond we'll get along fine I know that you're on mine, I peeped it for a long time High saditty bitties, that's out for the price tag ? get bagged, and be the victim of a right jab So if you walk like a bitch, talk like a bitch, it's on But what goes on? What goes on baby what goes on? (4X) You in a relationship? Aight, well cool, we can do this We start with a kiss and go right down the list Analyze this, check it how we always spend time Hittin all spots, bend it up every time I give you what you want, even more if you ask Just a small task, any spell you cast But on the down low, you're hittin that bro, doin the same thing Skeezin, but what's the reason for the treason? That's why you're left all alone and you say we're wrong Sing the song along, tell me what goes on? This shit here, this is bullshit (hold up hold up hold up) This is notty for a girl got gats too (I'm sayin) All you hear now is bitch this bitch that (cause y'all be actin like that) What the fuck is goin on? (the fuck you want from me? yo) Don't catch offense when the gents call you names If you ain't one, don't sweat it hon, it's just one of them thangs In my slang, unless you catch a fit from hearin bitch If the shoe fits, then wear it, I'm not dissin for the ?, get it Not every girl's a bitch, yeah that's true Like my Ma Dukes, but oh yes, the rest I seem to talk to Are shady and not really the ladies they claim to be It's crazy, everywhere I go, it seems the same to me That's up until I'm gone But on the way home I'm still thinkin, what goes on? What goes on baby what goes on? (8X)