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Where Yo Skillz At (Artifacts)

Artifacts be the best in this MC fest Rest any intentions we here to mention we the fresh Newark natives, Polo king bringin the zing To your Walkman, check it how we talk and sing Breakin that thing, lyrical jackin, mackin All so-called cypher rappin niggaz I'm smackin No tricks with fits inflict the hurt like Frank Thomas To never make the wack jams, to my peers I promise Atomic, yet, niggaz gonna have to respect What we're bringin to the table check my dialect Alphabeta, wetta, than your man who says he can Take a whole block, we put that ass on lock and Styles be groovy, fake niggaz can't fool me Cause I'm a fly brown brother and you can't school me Tools be, always sharpened for MC's that be startin Up shit, and can't fuck with, this rap sargeant Bluffin, talkin bout nothin, in fact These crews be wack, so may I ask, where yo skillz at? It's no doubt what I'm about bustin yo shit out with my lyrical Smokin botanicals I be the man that makes the miracles Invisible if need be, see me on TV and on CD Smokin beadies in 3-D doin graffiti My mechanical style, interlocks rocks and shocks Cause I'm hot, X marks the spot like Sadat watch I'm so tight with mine, nickel and dime rhymers Are smokin one quarter pushin off the corner from foul line Prime time teams rewind and can't find mine They all left behind because my rhymes lack guidelines Wings get pushed back from hairlines to asscracks So check ASCAP, on Artifacts soundtracks So act ill, I can peel a skill like fresh bills Crack a rapper like a Phills I smack more ass than Benny Hill But chill a minute, I'm all up in it infinite potential Newark, Jew Jersey resedential areas I turn to burial plots For MC's, who don't believe what I conceive Or leave a whole team speechless, gettin jives to Chucky Cheese I'm like Jesus to the mic, write My Life out like Mary I'm oh-Blige-d to J. any ghetto queen that's sanitary Don't play me too close, you'll get roasted by the human torch From Newark, I'm blowin up spots without tour support I distort thoughts, with izm sticks and quarts Laughin at rappers who come at me in soft packs like Newports I walk that talk, get down and dirty like New York That's why I'm still fat, beef kill that, nigga where yo skillz at? But, back to the subject at hand Peep my battle plan and I'll be forced to chop that hand Off soft brothers yo they can't withstand The pressure, prepare the stretcher and the Dristan Cause in nine-six, these MC's can't miss If you purchase this, then you see why brothers kinda pissed it's The Mr. Flip Lipper always stayin dipped Always talkin shit, always hittin hallways and shit I play the parks after dark and spark L's until my head bust And then bust, plus when I get dusted you'll get messed up Rollin with razors neighbors hate me cause I'm famous Tame is accurate back with battle raps fat like battleships Constantly open like a hood rat that's smokin Got bitches in Hoboken overdosin off my potions Wet like oceans, my notebook looks atrocious Be dissin vocal coaches I don't let them hit my roaches I handle my Biz like Warner Brothers be on the corner talkin gossip, hot cause they ain't got shit Watch this... where yo skillz at nigga?