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Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (Artifacts)

I'm out to bomb like Vietnam under the same name Tame One The bad one, ink flow master bastard with the Magnum I tags up quick, and then I steps to the exit When it's time to get sefted or flex on some fresh shit Some wack crook stole my black book I know who took it I know his whole tag because the fag writes his name crooked The ink I use might stink, but you gotta think I got my props Hoppes, cause my tags don't shrink I'm taggin and baggin bitches cause my name, is famous in the street Cause they know my name's from cruising in the Jeeps So yo, grab a can and put your man up and stand up For the fresh never stale niggaz off the third rail Deep dark and black like the Magnum I pack It's that Artifacts chat from the wrong side of da tracks The Artifacts are from the wrong, side of da tracks The Artifacts are from the wrong side I load my backpack with spray paint Girbaud couldn't spark the Tagging up a train I catch the pound take a trip To the train yards and think back, when I used to write that Shit that used to hit, had all the mad color tips Breakin was my thing I used to spin the back I never thought I'd spin the wax, with tracks to make your hands clap I could've went the other way but no haps I got my dap on the map with the Bic down to a spray cap Niggaz used to doubt to my clout but now I turn em out They shout my shout out uptown, like they wanna be down Avoid the crowds that wanna stab me in the back enough of that Watch the third rail track, cause I don't wanna get zapped Pieces I burn to show my name no shame Don't wanna put the blame down on my nigga Tame Brothers