Exit Strategy (Thorr Valient)

they sent yr son w/ a plan,to fight some war in a desert land, he ain't gonna come home again he's makin some money for a texas man helicopters in the sky, all the little soldiers die, their mothers and their daughters cry, cause of politicians lies! have yr innocence stolen and yr traded like a slave have yr promises broken and yr in for an early grave they're deep in the schools now recruitin for their war they know to skip all the rich kids, cause the focus is on the poor. its always been like this, u wanna b all u can b first they shave all yr hair off, and then yr no longer free i have never understood compliance to assimilation that just doesn't make sense take a look at the state of the world, ive never seen foreign relations more tense chaos reigns where troops are stationed, a panel of suits couldn't save em if they tried bombed on all sides- no plan for escape, this mission is fucked! this mission is fucked! all this is is a money game, let's get down to the core, fight yr battles here @ home and don't go off to war dont waste yr time stealin oil, for bush and uncle sam, they don't give a damn about our lives, this war was all their scam preying on minorites insecurities in ads, the possiblility of winning a war on terrorism is mad the oppurtunity just didn't arise, this was all a part of their plan, Do u think they give 2 shits about the future man? don't give up on yr dreams my son, the fight for terrorism can't be won, with guns and bombs and tanks and planes, peaceful progression is the only way!