Infinite Lives (Thorr Valient)

Are you searchin' for a higher power? Or has everything worked out just fine? I guess the reason that I'm asking questions, is that several things have been on my mind. There are motherfuckers workin' for peace, and there are people who couldn't care less There are soldiers who are dying in the street, and there are families that are starting to stress. If you put the quarter in the machine. Then you give the game all that you got sometimes you run outta credits. It all seems rigged, but you know that its not They only collect once a month And you have been pumping it every single day. 20 bucks doesn't seem like much But if you type in the code then you can blow 'em away! They don't believe in your religion, They don't believe in your space, They only believe in your money, When they're wiping it all over their face. Some bloody question mama Somebody was down in the front Punch in this code and then press start. You're the one that they're trying to hunt. C'mon! They work in the schools They work for the state They program their lessons To look good on your plate You'll swallow it down You'll eat every bite Now the hooks in yer mouth You won't put up a fight. They wanted more, more and more Butcher their husbands, Kick down the door. Run to the kitchen, grab ahold of the wives Increase your stamina, now poke out her eyes. Is this the life, that you wanted to lead? Brainwashed for quarters, its freedom you need. And how do we get it? By killing our own? Too late for questions My silver is gone. Total destruction! Land and the sea Missiles are launching, I'm playing for free! Millions are dying, thousands are hurt But I'll live forever, longer than dirt Somebody watch me! I'll get the high score You rack up the points by killing the poor Infinite lives, thousands of men We live forever! Let's play again! Infinite lives, you're gonna die Your codes are worthless It was a lie, Infinite Lives It's in your head. No one lives forever You're already dead