Tomorrow Police (Thorr Valient)

You hear 'em coming form miles away Their hovercrafts, mean hell to pay If you give chase, you're gonna die These future cops'll shine their flashlight in yer eye. First they frisk ya, they read yer rights But you ain't got none, this ain't your night. Now there's a curfew, nobody's on the street. And now yer busted and yer buddies packin' heat. In the old days, you'd both have prolly fried. Now yer wishin' you could find a place to hide. Bad cops don't give a shit 'bout rules and regulations Don't expect an easy ride down to the local station. Don't try to bribe them, 'cause they don't play. They're gonna take from you whatever you got anyway. These boys in blue pack needles instead of guns. They'll shoot the serum to ya if you try to run. This legislation passed right before our eyes. The government fed these kids another pack of lies. We all trusted, their cold blue steel Serve and protect, that was the deal They said the jails were overcrowded So they started killin' dudes on the spot. Premeditation, chased for a mile The judge and jury, without a trial This assault on the mind will never cease. When you're messin' with tomorrow police. We need a plan to put these pigs back in their place. If we come together we could save the human race. It don't seem likely though, just look at how we fight. Most people change their fucking minds overnight. Someday someones gonna come and try to save us all We've got to band together to ensure a regimes fall. You have to use your brain, cause you can't outfight the cops If you give a man an inch, that mile will never stop. No matter how loud that your lungs can shout, Tomorrow police are gonna take you out! Before the flying Segway can chase you outta town, Explore the halls of justice where the rules are written down Study all those law books to ensure that there is peace. Help prevent the bad cops from becoming the Police. Tomorrow police, Tomorrow police Tomorrow police The Tomorrow Police