We Believe in Science (Thorr Valient)

Whoahohoho. ladies and gentlemen, i want you to get hyped on the track, i want the (tongues) to start going (tongues) baby, i want you to outside of your own city, outside of that town and look across the street cause you might start to get an open mind, you might start to see something changin. when you (tongues) world outside of a television box, you see something ELSE is goin on. what is it baby? is it science? well it just might be. they're raining cash, cash is falling from the heavens, it falling into my pockets. you believe in your thing and we believe in science spend yr pennies and yr dimes on some new appliance significant other always got you on the lockdown, its high time someone stood right up and finally put their foot down you believe in your thing and we believe in science unify the country while we all build alliance the man behind the curtain didn't mean you any harm a pencil in his pocket and a flu shot in his arm the boss is always yellin as they push you down the ladder the meals are gettin cheaper but we're still gettin fatter (this whole line is spoken in tongues on album)