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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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One Eye Open (The Wedding)

Don't fall asleep yet we haven't found a cure for what you have and i need you here for one more night we'll talk about the stars and how they stay in flight or anything to keep you from sleeping love so don't go yet we could fall asleep under the window sill and wake up to the morning light as it drifts across the room don't forget better days, so won't you stay keep one eye open keep one eye open baby you haven't moved in quite sometime but i'll stay right here till you wake up and if you don't i'll stay here till the doctors pry my hands from your and drag me from the room screaming louder than the ambulances anything to keep you from sleeping love, so don't go yet cause we all fall away sometimes but it's ok, you know it's ok he will pick us up and point us the right way point us the right way please stay...