Renew (The Wedding)

I'm burning down the bridges that I cross Before I ever reach the land I'm breaking down, I'm breaking down So careful now don't make a move Careful now to breathe over the sound I'm breaking down, I'm breaking now In the time it takes to make a scene I'm jumping off the ledge of everything Well I'm falling down, I'm falling now I trust in you Your gravity will speak to me And bring me to my knees I'm breaking now Am I brave enough to conquer love? But you've given me some hope To write a song and keep it close So I'm calling out Just to hear the simple sound Of your voice and keep it close I know that I'm a gamble here But with your help I'm conquering my fear Of ever breaking down When breaking down is all that I can do I'll scream "glory come" And I will sing of you Singing hall-e-lu It happens all the time You turn water into wine Water to wine Come on! woo So I'm shaking like a leaf You keep coming after me So as long as I can breathe I'm gonna have to sing