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Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars) (Grinderman)

Mad mullahs and dirty bombs Alert the coasal command Ack-ack positions everyone She's my honey bee and here she comes Cancer rabies SARS Hairy beards and hurtling stars Won't somebody touch me? Won't somebody touch me? Honey bee lets fly to MARS Buzz buszz buzz There's a kid laying on the lawn His neighbours on the telephone The dispatcher asks What's going on? Please Sir, what's going on? The kid is laying on the lawn He's been giving me shit for years He rides his bike across my lawn Now he's laying on the lawn Won't somebody touch me? O someone please touch me! Honey bee lets fly to Mars Buzz buzz buzz Ba baba ba ba ba Wo! BA BA BA BA BA BA BA! Scud missiles Asian flu The easily offended We are the undefended We are the undefended Won't somebody touch us There's a virus come to town Won't somebody give me a kiss He's been giving me shit for years Honey bee lets fly to Mars Buzz Buzz buzz buzz buzz Honey bee Honey bee!