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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Green Lake's Ground (Atargatis)

His love to Fate angered mother nature A nymph who's hidden on a green lake's ground To avoid her binding to this human To avoid soiling nature's majesty "I'm here on the green lake's ground Can't you hear me, there's no way out I'm held behind, under the surface Am kept away from your honest love" He asked the wind if it ever had played in her hair And the grass if it ever felt her touch Asked the green lake if it mirrored her amber eyes And lay in silence to hear his innermost Under the surface he saw her silhouette Sparkle through the silent surface of the lake Saw her lying motionless on the waters ground so deep He despaired for she could not be alive anymore "I'm here on the green lake's ground I am still alive, water's magic protects me Don't you take your last breath Just continue your life without me" And he spoke... : "My only wish has been to share my life with you In eternity I will bind my heart to yours I'll be lying next to you so silently On the green waters ground, oh so deep..." Not knowing that she was still alive Well protected by nature's magical might His only wish has been to get so close to her He hurled himself into the depth Without taking a last breath And he jumped...