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Burning All the Flags (Hibria)

Marching on bloody green fields No one stood alive when our flag Was defied by oblivious lords We have carried all the secrets Kings have trusted us Until they reach their final destination Time has gone by A thousand years we survived All who tried to defend Their fields could not stand, cuz we are Burning all the flags Red blood is our cross And our path Burning all the flags Honor in our blood Or our death's last breath The flag will fade to red if secrets are not shown find the white flag's master and tell about the gold We just won't live our lives if secrets are not told Find the white flag's master and tell about the gold Gold of desire They said their souls, they sold our flag Gold, gold of desire To have their own, our secret's told We ride faster than the wind to reveal to our master Let him judge and start a merciless hunt, yeah All who spotted our flag were then judged by the master all who sold the flag have not lived anymore Something in my heart, something in my soul Tell me I won't reach the master's home Something in the dark is chilling out my spine Fuck! They've trapped me on this dead end road