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Devoted to Your Fear (Hibria)

A siren warns They all must reach the closest way out Those who don't trust their faith in time Are being led by the fear inside A note is sent She's in the last chamber at the right There is no better chance to play The unexpected guest at the wrong time All the fear inside your flimsy way of life Is a precious drop of fuel to Build up all your nightmares There's no way to escape Your fear is my strength To hunt you in hell And I'll be shutting down the lights Watching your search for a way out Before you kneel and say a prayer Devoted to your fear All I saw Pieces of broken glass on the floor Please wake me up cause all I feel Is the beat of my heart In a frozen corpse All I've heard a window crashing all over me I am a stranger to all here In a smoking corner set on fire Devoted to your fear saying a Prayer building up your nightmares While you're dying, I can see your scars from tortures there is no evil we can Carry with clean hands I have shocked you All night long with a wired thunder In a bed of glass your Skin turns to blood No one here will tell me it'll be fine, Hang on, carry on, It's just fear and anger There will be no better words To say than goodbye Lord Please, forgive me I have sinned, save me You can't see me crying Cause I can't feel your love One last time, I will give Them my loudest laugh Devoted to your fear saying a Prayer building up your nightmares