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Steel Lord On Wheels (Hibria)

I wanna know the meaning of this race A road to nowhere, a hog and rage Glory to few but the death is for all To win, the rule is - kill! Oh, no! He's breaking the rules Wheels on fire To be the winner Young master The slaughter is the reason to play He is the Steel Lord on Wheels Up coming stranger With guts to make it He is the Steel Lord on Wheels Defying the power Lord on Wheels Steel Lord on Wheels I won't kill just for their pleasure Of seeing a brother killing other Without blood is my way to win Although my life is now in danger Breaks off! His fuel is not enough Wheels on fire They're trapping the stranger Young Master Your vision is not clear at all Not far from him among the crowd He can see the finish line Cheering for him, but something is wrong Now it's too late to avoid the trap Hog falls apart and burns at all Loosing control - he will face death Now the Ripper helps him go