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The Skull Collectors (Hibria)

Back in time in an ancient rite A Fallen angel of fire Has planted on his dark Seeds of hate To spread his empire Freedom now, freedom now You can be just Like your gods Just listen to my call And join me now In this new ride All who fell down in this hole Wanted to be a god and rule Many have listened To this poisoning call And all became the so called The Skull Collectors The Skull Collectors A labyrinth on their minds The Skull Collectors will catch 'em Feeding their inner greed To make 'em believe they're next Forever, I'll make you feel the same Anger, fear, hate and Merciful love in my eyes Forever, that's how I will prevail Twisting people's mind, To keep 'em alive, Through their hearts The human greed is calling Rotten sent of darkness I'll let 'em hunt each other they won't see They get nowhere else Can you feel The weight of time? Can you hear my voice? I will track you just like a rat Can you escape My tiger eyes?