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Rainy Day (The Bolshoi)

Rainy day come my way I don't think I'll go out I think I'll stay like it or not you got what you got and when you look at yourself you can see that it's not a lot all the trees stand silent now reaching up to heaven with the dead man's bones they feel like stone and the blood is cold and when the wind blows you can hear them moan chorus: what a day to get away you can't see the shit on the city streets now come down look around all the ugly ducks are swans oh yes, I've seen all the things we've made I've seen sunlight and the shade I tell you now that I would trade it all for just one rainy day I saw the figure of an old man wagging his hand like a metronome he was bitten by the teeth of the wind so he wrapped up the wound and he went off home chorus: heard the sound of the ships at sea calling to each other for a sense of direction I thought they sounded a bit like me when I sing a certain way with a certain inflection (chorus)