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Compound Pressure (Bile)

I am the scumbag that you want to kick, because your girl - she sucked my dick. Frustration eats you from inside, knowing I got a piece of her hide. So we laugh at you as I'm flying the cum, I'm the home wrecker and the damage is done. Your little slut, whore, wife won't be the same, you make her cum - she screams my name! COMPOUND PRESSURE! You have no power, I devour. I got a big fat cock and I shot her face, swallowed my spunk with no disgrace. Did her doggy style up her fucking ass, BILE style - bloody and fast! Let all my friends dog her when I was through, she was thinking of you when she fucked my whole crew. I'm the lowest motherfucker now that is true, but I fucked your woman to get back at you. COMPOUND PRESSURE! You have no power, I devour. You ain't nothing, how does it feel?