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Deliver (Chino XL)

[Intro] Yeah To all the real hardcore motherfuckers Soft motherfuckers With the bitches that don't give a fuck! [Chorus] Now who wanna diss to get they reps a little _bigger_ How many bitches wanna fuck this _yellow nigga_ You get your whole crew cut like a scissor Watch this world shake from the album I deliver [Verse One] I threw a Brownstone at Brandy now she's Changing Faces Standing in my Aaron Hall I'm Blackstreet packin suitcases Goin back to Indiana, on the Subway Soul For Real, missjones is my usher in church on Sundays Clear the runways, cause I'ma make you rappers my examples Avoiding battling me like I'm Eazy-E's blood samples It's me and Carey, nah never wrote no rhyme that's ordinary Won't throw my life away on coke like Darryl Strawberry Removing you skeletal system playing your ribs like xylophones I'm nastier, leave you scraped and ashier than Larry Holmes But ladies I ain't always violent You could pump pump until the dawn, like Adina Howard Can't You See, I'm Notorious as Total get Uptown Girls in bed, like Billy Joel do Laverne and Shirle, give us any room we'll break it Remember you was wack remember Ice Cube had a jheri curl BAMMMMM!!!! Dead on your car horn chump My beat get messy as abortion on the ninth month Now who be that, slap, did iiii do that? Now Whoopi Goldberg goes Steve Urkel but I'll leave your grill The Color Purple Give you a Dogg Pound, could even Dru Down Provoke me album is weak your whole shit sound like karaoke Conversation, loss of limbs amputation Head meaning decapitation rough like Craig Mack derm abrasion Evil tendency, strong like Miles Davis heroin dependency Fuckin up lives like teenage pregnancy [Chorus] [Verse Two] Them clowns like Will Smith got fast cars and fancy homes But I'm headstrong, I could even break Puffy Combs Some kids still doubtin and they girlfriend stalkin keep it real We'll cross that bridge when we come to that Anita Hill Now Ever_last_, will never _last_, with no ghetto _pass_ Leave you breathin hard like bitches at lamaze _class_ Niggaz are slippin when they sippin gin and tonic smokin chronic Jersey niggaz packin more handguns than Harry Connick My style is welfare, half of you bitches is on it!! Was born with a halo, when broke, I had to pawn it I stir up controversy and sell I'm like Sister Souljah So bring out bum-ass Russell Simmons cuz comedy's over The Lucci I'm worth is enough to deficit a nation With media coverage like a hostage situation (yeah and if you lovin them hoes you betta bounce back) Tryin to make that bitch your wife she fucked the whole New Jersey Drive (soundtrack) High like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jams on tour Rrrraahahrra rrrarhraarah I rips it like a chainsaw Dig deep as truth go ahead and shoot your Karl Kani suit in shock absorbing tired and I'm wide like a police informant Pray with one eye open, shootin more Led than Zeppelin Dysfunctional like the Jackson's, death is my obsession You comin through with thirty cowards think you causin fear Rush lookin bust in your boosted Donna Karan gear Now fuck the po-po, beats down the five-oh Been there, done that, do it again tomorrow nigga Sometimes I vibe inside a spot where nobody else knows me Until I come hot steppin like Ini Kamoze [Chorus]