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Feelin' Evil (Chino XL)

Intro: Yo, can I represent Gravitation to the fullest? Word up. Some times I just cool out, yeah, come on, get with it. Hook: Yo, it's still an ill vibe when I want to unwind "Like you inhale, like a breath of fresh air" -Phife Dog from "Can I Kick It?" Verse 1: Slice like a cesarean, shoot like insulin Hip hop lives at no radio station, penetrate you like a vaccination Fascination do you like styro foam and crush ya Needles in pressure points, acupuncture You shouldn't of start no rubbish you got no indentity like Jay You sing more blues than Sarah Vawn, easy to ruin like sued Respect like Areatha Franklin', half asleep dark must be But still American as fuckin' in the back seat Yo dig this, Your biting is constant When I knock shit, get your wig split, I rip shit Till I'm sweatly like Whoopi's armpits The bomb's lit, you try to pick my style like chop sticks No concepts, you would of met me long ago Producers put me on hold Now I can roast you motherfuckers like Roticery Gold And this whole rap world is gonna miss me when I retire Vampire, I be setting homeless motherfuckers on FIRE! Hook (2x) "Day after day after day" The yellow nigga try to chill but then, I'm feelin' evil again "Day after day after day" and everytime I pick up the pen I'm feelin' evil again "Day after day after day" Since the only good friend is a dead friend, I'm feelin' evil again "Day after day after day" Everytime my temper go thin I'm feelin' evil again Girl talking: "A-yo fuck you, you yellow ass nigga, you ain't sayin' shit.I know you ain't trying to diss me with that ole evil shit. A-yo what's fuckin' with that? Chino you ain't shit and you ain't ever gonna be shit.(aaaaaah) Verse 2: I put out more wax than Martin Lawrence earlobe I rock forever, Or at least until the Jets win the Super Bowl There's no comparing me, shocking your system like Chemotherapy Osmosis, cysticfibrosis, Slick Rick eye could be the closest I focus, on Naomi Campbel, but she's a leisbian (damn) Stress me and, I'll make you see more stars than planetariums Your horrorcore is homocore, you screamin' you Evil Live Only played on AM and your vinyl is a 45 No Indecent Proposals cause I'm not Woody Harrelson I ain't checkin' for you like PE's new album son (Blurting obscenities at random) I think you got Turret I make niggas sore like the first pussy Tyson get What part of Jersy do you come from black? The part that white people be speeding though in 6 seconds flat They scared of death, they out of breath, they gonna get car-jacked That's what happens when you don't recognize hipanic and blacks Blessed by the nation, cause I'm expecting to blow up More than Tevin Cambell is expected to have a sex-change operation (oooooh) Hook Outro: Fuck all of y'all