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It's My World (Chino XL)

[Chorus] If our worlds collide (It's my world) I hope you know that one of us gon' die (It's my world) It won't be me cus I was born to rise (Yo, It's my world) So when the war I hope you on my side (It's my world, It's my world, It's my world) {*Repeat 2X*} [Scratching Chino from Sway and Tech's "The Anthem"] Chino makes the world go round... [Scratching Nas from "Hate me Now"] The Illest... Blame God he blew breath in my lungs... [Verse 1] Don't call it a comeback... I've been here for years I'm like a record deal from Select ending anyone's career But does anyone care? And did anyone dare try prepare ya? I got the world hemmed up my daddy should've named me tailor I'll scare ya' like I knock at the front door when the rents due The true, lyrical O.G., shine's inevitable Rhymes irrefutable digital decibels Louder then Busta Rhymes wardrobe, and I've been foretold Ain't a tough cat in your zip code, city or rural Will I become immortal and make you a graffiti R.I.P. mural Complete with artist rendering on how you used to be proving you're mortal Surrendering victory to Chi Underneath flowers and candles from your friends and family The walls are reminded you should've never fucked with me I take it to your f-a-c-e but don't respond Cus I'm the big dog, the world's a fire hydrant that I piss upon (Chorus w/ slight variations) [Verse 2] Yo, yeah, yo... 360 of unadulterated battle rhyme You must be inebriated wanting to challenge mine My distance is so accurate anytime laps cameras capture it Tearing apart time's fabric, no exaggerate Thirty five thousand Giga hard drives only could store half of it That ain't the half of it, I spit the blood of Christ on a catholic Lyrics specialist ain't this a bitch rip shit so effortless Smoke method with Method Man being chased by thirty Methodists Seven day adventist tempt this and try to prevent this So I curse like the Motto leaving them praying/preying like the mantis Perform in front of Mormons 'til they banished up in piss Start dramas between Amish 'til they turn to Blood and Crips Go to war with four continents make Saddam turn protestant Bill Clinton's advisors like look at what your big mouth got us in Give the world surgery Resurrect ?Isaac Raveen? then mandate the extinction of all of Germany Blanket the universe in darkness for all eternity I'm like Vernon Jordan on the stand committing purgery I'll resurrect Hannibal, To show Italianos how African they are for thinking of us as animals I'll resurrect Mussolini, Piss in his hat and show him with all his tyranny Armies and gases couldn't see me Resurrect Idi Amin and Hitler Then sit around exchanging war stories to show whose mind is sicker And full of hatred, life ain't far cus if it was Biggie would still be here and these wack rappers would be dead (Chorus w/ slight variations) [Verse 3] [I have survived] Twenty-four years of being poor [I have survived] My hometown claiming I wasn't raw [I have survived] Being shot at and stabbed while on tour [I have survived] Millions of niggas stealing my metaphors For three years, broken down that's thirty six months Twenty six thousand two hundred eighty hours holding a grudge A non-vocalist drama belonging in the theatre So raw I'm charging my reflection for rhyming in the mirror Your flows ancient, I'm past the prehistoric stages I flip vocal booths equipped with roll bars and cages Temperature rise you're feeling faint when my heat fell You wish for death like Lady Di wish she'd wore a seat belt Seek help, May Day, S.O.S. explode Dot dot dash... I'll beat that ass in Morse Code Your rhyme like down syndrome I make you limp home For sleeping on my Puerto Rican skin tone (Leave him alone) And I don't give a fuck who you get... I don't give a fuck if Jesus write your verses and Satan and God produced it I don't give a fuck if Puff signed it I don't give a fuck what old school rapper you getting outta retirement I'm on my own dick like a man in solitary confinement Release enough pollution to destroy the whole environment Chino strikes again Lose your hearing from my buzz Sell CD's? Shit, I sold water to Noah during the flood {*Repeat 2X*} [Scratching from Sway and Tech's "The Anthem"] Chino makes the world go round... [Scratching Nas from] The Illest... Blame God he blew breath in my lungs...