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No Complex (Chino XL)

Your molecules are now in motion Hypnotic effect So check the way you move on your complexes Inferiority complex I got you carrying glocks and tecs And got you feeling hesitant to step on stage and represent It's your complex that rips and wrecks your confidence Creates paranoias inside of your mind when you rhyme The term Chino's Latin But I got black soul Flows I creates "Unforgettable" like Nat King Cole Bulletholes through the shields of your Landcruiser (your click) My click is stoned like they eyes gazed upon Medusa Makin this picture clearer It gets weirder than incest Knowledge my name, I'm on a different plane like Herve Villachez Getting the people hyped like Monday Night at the Improv Dive in Ricki's Lake plus I Rush like Limbaugh (hey) I will detach your limbs, there ain't no wins if you test mine You won't be coming back again like Sinbad's sitcom I think they wanna battle You blew up like Roseanne's belly Your style's too old to do me like Aaliyah and R. Kelly Fear and superstition could get iller than circumcision And things could get more ugly than Coolio when his hair frizzin My mind's a Warfield like Marsha or Justin Psychosis be exploding by spontaneous combustion (kill all my) Kill all my complexes make any crowd scream and yell Oppose and catch a bullet in your back like Philip Pannell It's your complex that makes you buy a fake Rolex To impress the next big butt big breast like it's a contest Materialistic complex, I make you worship an Ac' or Lex' Now that you're feel inadequate you're cashin checks for sex But see, I'm from a small town called (bitch please) so don't seize the thought Now see she's caught, go see your daddy for child support Your complex it got your mind inside a group home I got you puttin that suit on Fuck them crabs you spend your loot on Euphorically, categorically, Chino rips shit historically *inhale* Puff you like sensi, rob your shit like Jodeci Better hope your girl don't notice me You was a platinum artist 'til the complex got into ya But I spread new rap styles like prostitutes spread chlamydia Grammy nominee, wit yaself you ain't in harmony Now I'm hearing you wanna bring it on to me Fresh off your tour you don't want no verbal war Better stay in your Lexus I was creating metaphors this morning while you were selecting which credit card to pay for that bitch's breakfast with Your car is painted like the Sistine Chapel But you still couldn't get a piece of that bitch's ass if you had a scalpel I'm rough as HELL, CRUSH YOUR CREW, turn you into beetles Eat a porcupine, PUH, spit out the needles Bzzz bzzz, my shit is fly you can ask anyone I'm not MTV so I can leave you Dead at 21 People stand amazed (how could you go on a killing craze) Cause my heart is blacker than the cotton fields in the slavery days Fuck friends long as a bitch bends (Benz) like Mercedes Invade your mental like U.S. troops invaded Haiti's Ladies, that are Latin be lovin me more than Desi Arnez but My voice be aggravatin bitches like Rosie Perez SO I breaks a virgin's hymen open like the seventh seal "I'm givin them, somethin, they, can feel" I explore a woman's vaginal region like Lewis and Clark (please douche) I might decide to eat the bush like Sandra Bernhardt Now even the Japanese girls wanna blow me like I'm Sony But like Mike and that Presley bitch, the relationship is phony (phony) So baby we can do it, take your time, do it right The whole game's like Richie Valens it should never take flight (uh-huh) I don't need gold singles to purchase phallic symbols I keep my Queen, you keep chasin materialistic bitches, yo Wreckin this it's your complex they got you feelin mad depressed You can't rest, from the stress wondering what they gonna do next Your complex is the wall they got your back up against Intense pressure got you feelin like without em you just worthless The term Chino Goes synonymous with corpses flipped But never celebrated like Hanukkah in Auschwitz My complex flips Where'd he get that vain kind of mindframe? Cause I've been rippin this way since MC's was just a labor pain Underground for far too long but now I will be surfacin Spray from my brain on the train -- like Colin Ferguson They say I go too far but pop radio playin me Like FCC stands for -- Fuckin Chino's Crazy But I make TLC stand for They Love Chino when I terrify You'll never eat Chili cuz I'm an arsonist like Left-Eye But I can't forget I, heard you say you'll leave me deceased, PLEASE That's famous last words like the I Have a Dream speech Beats fat like Melodie sweet like Bellamy You're gellin me more than niggaz at PMD shows be yellin for E They try to diss cuz I don't have that, I have this (chances are) They tryin to make me soft like Johnny Mathis Fuck strike a nerve, I massacre strike a main vein One line from my brain could turn Bar Mitzvah's into Soul Train "But I'm still standin", keepin straight And marijuana helped me to escape like it was Al Cowlings Still rippin shit, no videos and no Source ad I live the type of life that could make Hammer say It's All Bad (hahahaha) Put it on, one class of car that I can afford has not been built I can't afford cookies, that's even though I'm labelmates with Milk It's like Wayne's World cuz they say that "I'm not worthy!" My company is fuckin me like Arsenio does Eddie Murphy Industry kills, I go for the throat I treat you all like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's marriage- One big joke It's your complex that got your carryin glocks and tecs It's your complex that got you cashin checks for sex It's your complex why you scared of what I'm gonna say next Chino X, ninety-five ninety-six no complex