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Riiiot (Chino XL)

Verse One: Chino XL Ras Kass You prayed for me and I came! How far you niggaz wanna push me? I'm leaving the crowds happy like OJ Simpson when he got his first white pussy But I'm still annoyed blowin through your selenoid Bringing more Blues to Brothers than Jon Belushi and Dan Akroyd Governmently engineered like E Bola for this rap garage sale by this industry I'm trying not to get fucked like 2Pac in jail You can hate me, but await me like I'm Magic Johnson's death in a box with Jordan's pops that ass'll never take another breath 'cause, I write the songs like Barry Manilow I like my Sugar Brown like Hugh Grant fucked D'Angelo Now I got niggaz claimin they saw God unfortunately He wasn't in the person of Master Farad Muhammad Some often ask how can this nigga molest the English alphabet in one hundred words or less it ain't the chronic It's all in the mind like Johnny Mmemonic Before my word is born, surgeons administer antibiotics to drain the phonics, amniotic fluids Delivery, to get Nia deep in your Peeples like Howard Hewett Half-Hitler, half-Jewish, I'm gassed off myself Icono-clismic, twisted without the use of fiber optics Noxious I blows out the sockets I got your Adam's Apples in my pockets Bullshit like Timmy McVey, like kiddie porn I'm getting popular Popular, no ocular, MC's perp particular but not quite yet perpendicular Compound fractures fibulas when niggaz step, contest the upper torso I got Chino's back like a dorsal, fin Comprehend, we bend men from within Chorus: Chino, Ras Your strength in numbers couldn't hit The yellow nigga from the Gravity click You don't give a fuck as long as bud gets lit You're fuckin with the HemiSidal lunatics Like licorice, niggaz begin to twist Lay back and watch your idols get ripped Yo signify if your crew roll thick (Yeah) East Coast (West Coast) beeeotch!!! Verse Two: Ras Kass, Chino XL I circumnavigate the globe with a one-liner like, latitude Put my rhymes in mixed fortune cookies to leave Confucious confused The day a nigga serve Ras is when faggots start straight bashing Without Jermaine Dupri I'm SoSoDef that I need closed captions Won't see me stressed from no East/West conflict the interest Chino X/Ras Kass like Layne Tito removed you from your bench My retina expands, my brain is trapped like a rat on a running wheel Praise the yellow God or I'ma leave you scarred like that nigga Seal Vernacular understandable, you in a hearse, megahertz, the truth hurts Slang botanical, you're moving on time-lapse camera Indestractable, dig me like an excavation multiracial valuable Take you out like Saafir took out Casual So check the milk that Jersey made I turn artistic children bilingual On parallel bars I create new dismounts like Chechincko So keep it short and sweet like Sherman Hemsley bonafide queer While I shoot shit up you're shooting gerbils up your asshole like Richard Gere Verse Three: Ras Kass, Chino XL Bitch ass niggaz what see? I gives a fuck who's certified platinum or gold Cause I got rhymes for every unit you sold Your plaques corrode when I collage colloquials At first the buzz was local but now the nose grows like Pinnochio No lie, no T-H-C, T-H-E, T-H-O-U-G-H-T Makes me high in intelligence quotient I drop facts like attache Exfoliate rap and come cleaner than Jeru's enema What's the secret within my esophagus is discovered like Tutenkahmen's sarcophogous I got niggaz lookin for Webster's like George Papadopolous Yo Ras pardon me my unfamiliar soliloquies, similies similar to Reginald Denny's, facial injuries You couldn't locate my transient thoughts with lo-jack Molest your mind like Oprah Winfrey's behind when she was a small child Punchlines with more elasticity than Biggie's stretch marks Chino X sparks, mad urban I ain't scared to put the things that going around me on tape like Mark Fuhrman Sexing picture perfect hoes like Pocahontas often And I'd rather hear Willie Nelson than fucking Montell Jordan! Chorus Outro: Chino Uhh, yeah Uhh, signify, uhh Uhh, check it out, uhh West coast, uhh, East coast, what? West coast, East coast West, uhh, East, ahh Uhh, that nigga Ras, that nigga Chino The nigga bird, yo that shit is large