Crazy Is A Pitstop (Dunnery Francis)

I never knew you could get high on water I never knew you could get full on nothing at all What if the question is the answer? What if living here isn't living here at all It's a big hallucination And crazy is a pitstop when your on your way home I went back to 1937 Then I went and landed on the moon I often visit my dead father But I never leave the room And your not here like you think you are Crazy is a pitstop when your on your way home I know what I sound like I know what I mean I want to discover love inside of me I want to fly away into a sky that I created Where the only thing you need to know Is where the greatest thermal winds will blow I should've died there, inside, I think I'm on my way home Lord of attack conjoins with the Lord of learning in the House of The Lord of wisdom Last chance to make it in the sunlight Last chance to get yourself a good time I drove a taxi across the water I didn't know that thinking was real And every single thing I recognize, I realize The only truth is what I feel And whether you like it or not, you are me and I m you As we dream ourselves together As I contribute to the weather Crazy is a pitstop when your on the way home And I'm crazy 'cause I know that everyone's inside of me.