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Home In My Heart (Dunnery Francis)

When I came out of my mother's womb They put a sticker on my head that said Roman-catholic-white-trash-piece-of-garbage isn't going anywhere I believed them for a while But then I started getting all these anti-messages from my psyche This is a message to all the youth of 1998 Give up your day job and follow the grief trail home Follow the grief trail home If you're sixteen years old with final exams Society's got you by the balls You can learn that grown up stuff in your 40's if you want to Take no heed what teacher says They`re teaching you the garbage that I learned some years ago Children has society got you by the scruff of the neck Have they got you all pumped up on prozac Has the government got you thinking that they really care about you Have you stopped listening to your own inner voice by watching all that disaster TV Well I have a message for you, well I have a message for you amen Tune in, turn on and smash it all up, because nothing really matters Like you think it does anyway