Jonah (Dunnery Francis)

You can hear me call your name But I haven't said a single word tonight Like a bird that sails a thermal sky Trusting the invisible How can I fall? How can I fail? When I'm Jonah inside the whale. So I cry out like a baby Because I know you'll hear my words And I can get tomorrow If you hold on to this heart of mine You can hear my cry for freedom As I learn to trust the living that's inside In a world that sells a pack of lies And draws me to my ego How can I fall How can I fail When I'm Jonah inside the whale And I know you're always with me Even though you can't be heard A perfect understanding As you breathe into this heart of mine So the fox is in the hole again The hounds are at the door News paper stories Lying more and more There's a little girl starting school today To learn the whole thing over But how can she fall How can she fail When she's Jonah inside the whale.